forno fama does pop-ups, catering, and consulting…

This spring and summer, Forno Fama was busy collaborating with some of our favorite chefs and bakers to showcase local, seasonal produce and naturally leavened pizzas. If you didn’t catch us at A Tutta Pizza Fest and LOU Wine Shop in LA, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty in Portland, Razza in Jersey City, or L’Industrie in Brooklyn, we’ll be popping up in LA this fall with our in-the-works Boreal Heat pizza oven.

Follow us on Instagram while we prepare to launch our mobile pizzeria. In the meantime, Forno Fama is available for all your catering and consulting needs, whether you’re after an expert pizzaiolo to bake pies in your backyard wood burning oven or need a professional to develop dough recipes for your new pizzeria. Contact us for availability and rates!